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Invitation to ELITE@UM Fellow at the Universiti Malaya

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In this modern era, technology has transformed our lives into a smaller world with faster communication. Language plays the key role in delivering information which enables people to understand what technology is and how it works.

Recognising the power of language and technology, the CEO of ELMLAB, Choo Tzer Maan, had been invited to the ELITE@UM Fellow Programme (ELITE – Experiential Learning by Industry and Technocrat) to share his working experience with Universiti Malaya students from the department of Malaysian Languages and Applied Linguistics. Subsequently, the event hosted on 9th May and 11st May 2022 were a remarkable engagement between ELMLAB and UM.

Since “The impact of language in a modern organisation and how it works in a technological field” had been defined as the talking point, Tzer Maan shared his perspectives about how people’s thinking could be affected by applied language on 9th May. Besides, he felt that language was important to explain complex technological terms such as “digital transformation”, “blockchain”, “cryptocurrency”.

A further point was that Tzer Maan also created the awareness of the happening trends in the world through his ideas and experiences in the realm of technology. This enabled participants to share their opinions on their concerned trends respectively. The discussion was deemed successful as the participants got more active in the programme especially on the following day.

In future, ELMLAB hopes there will be more opportunities to share the joy of innovation with aficionados!

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