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Services & Solutions

It’s all about interplay of creation and engineering discipline to develop new values, challenge status quo and preserve the outstanding ones.

Our services revolve around technological creation and technology maintenance that suit your business activities. To drive you to a higher level, we provide personalised service and solution to unique problems, creates lasting value for your enterprises.


Product Customisation

Technology Management Service

Research and Development
as a Service


We design from scratch, creating new values for your organisation. Research and development as a service is aimed to blaze a trail for your business by providing you insights into the market and developing new services, products or improving existing ones accordingly.

Create adaptable values

Challenge the challenge through innovation and create value which is adaptable in your organisation.

Well connected

Assist your organisation to be wellconnected with talents and markets, contributing potential growth in your business.

Efficient Execution

Execute system and process efficiently in your business by well-trained personnel.

Product Customisation

Every lock has a key. We have the relevant technologies to decode your unique problems which required customisation skills and knowledge.

Redesign value

We tailor products and services to solve certain problems and responding to your customer's needs in a precise way.

Meet new opportunities

Turn the bottleneck into new opportunities by radically redesigning organisational process.

Stay relevant in market

We examine thoroughly your customers’ needs and wants, allow you to stay relevant in market with technology awareness

Technology Management Service

We always have your back. Technology management service aims to feed the organisation knowledge repository, maintaining and upholding your brand value from the cradle to the grave.

Maintain long-term value

Manage the entire technological knowhow approach to provide long-term support in your organisation.

Improve coordination

Documentation of all essential intellectual property to build a product knowledge base and share across organisational silos.

Knowledge transfer

Not only having centralised expertise but also clearly defined roles and responsibilities to enable knowledge transfer between experts and us as the backup team.