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Enterprise Operating System (EOS)

An end-to-end daily operational management platform

EOSContent 1 v3 03
Unified Data Entry To Build And Manage Business Sensibly
Pinpoint your pain points and offer ways to solve them.
Without a unified platform, all of your work is initiated, processed and stored heedlessly, work becomes that much more tedious to accomplish.
Work is meaningful when you know you have a robust, feature packed platform to manage it.
EOSContent 2 v2
Streamline Your Activities Regardless Of Your Business Nature
Delivering values across a wide range of businesses.
Account: Preparing financial audit, bank statements and cash flow statements and share across with particular members to ease communication.
Human Resource: To handle routine recruitment and applicant tracking, payroll, performance management, training and development through generating analytical report with fingertip.
Finance: Daily transaction that includes invoice, quotation, budget etc. can be approved in a timely manner.
EOS2 Content 3
One Click Away To Track And Trace Miscellaneous
A fingertip to unlock all you can see.
From miscellaneous HR reports to confidential agreement, all are managed accordingly in the single platform. Reviewing previous documents have never been this easier.
Enable full visibility to control who can initiate a process with view only or edit permission at each step.
No doubt, it is a fingertip to answer WHAT to see, WHO can see, WHERE to see.

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