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Career & Mission

We genuinely looking for talented individuals into our team
in the hope to grow as a People Company.

Identify Adventure Within Yourself

High caliber-talents with intrinsic motivation and true grit will enjoy their successful
expedition. They escalate duty into their mission, turning up long-term goal in their search for
glory in the moment and are motivated when they are challenged.

When it comes to the career world, committed and passionate people may find embarking a
career as if exploring an adventure. Unknown challenges are awaiting adventurers, looking for
who will push through all obstacles in their workplace just to achieve every one of their goals.
Hence, it is important to identify adventure within yourself and begin your journey with a strong

To begin with, you choose a single specialty or area of expertise that you have knowledge of.
So, you demonstrate limited general knowledge of different disciplines and prefer to work in one
single job type. You ought to find it is what you want, however, the comfort zone holds you back
in life. It limits your chance to develop broad skills across multiple fields of knowledge. Life is
short if you just end your adventure here.

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone, but to expand it.

Competitive adventurers are people who strive to look for challenges, expand current comfort
zone. They are keen to not only have breadth and depth of experience, but also have broad
skills across range of fields of knowledge or discipline. Moving beyond, to prepare for the work
of the future, they possess both broad management abilities and deep specialised skills as the
underlying traits to tackling uncertainty.

At ELMLAB, you could always pursue personal growth. A broad mastery of general knowledge
but also deep functional or domain expertise in two or more knowledge areas. We believe in
people with multiple areas of expertise provide even greater flexibility to the team, particularly to
the organisations that have limited people resources.

From a resource management perspective, people with one or more specialties are more
adaptable. They are a group of talents who try new experiences and accept bad things happen
in life. As such, they actively expand their comfort zone through actively demonstrate a
combination of Experience, Expertise, Exploration and Execution, turning bottlenecks into

People who demonstrate the breadth and depth of knowledge have expanded their knowledge
to include tangible and intangible specialities. This implies they have both vision and granular
detail to make a discernible difference to the organisation reminiscent of being a best practice
practitioner in whatever domain or competency.

Being capable and competent people is high level of knowledge through innumerable practice
and even thought processes. They have a higher degree of self-awareness, adaptive capacity
and the competencies to thrive in the future. That is, people demonstrate uniquely human skills
that are grounded in empathy and purpose. They move from domains of knowledge to a
constant state of learning, continually adapting to the environment. Soon, they have deep
expertise in specialities or knowledge area as well as strong leadership skills and credibility.

Goal Goal 2
In the end, whatever the next goal will be, they are fearless.

In summary, mission to evolve which can take to expand not only your general knowledge
across multiple disciplines but also that innate drive to learn and to be an expert in more than
one speciality. In the future, career changes will not be rare; they will be part of everyone’s role,
even in the same organisation and team.

The relentless pursuit of knowledge and experiences are unwavering attributes defining who we
want to be, how we achieve and where we reach.
If you are seeking for such a journey, we are awaiting your resume.

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