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ELMLAB Group was built with the initiative of making empowering change through technology. We started as a product development company by solving the needs of the Malaysian IoT market. We strive to decode small to medium enterprise’s problems by reprocessing their management and efficiency. Hence, ELMLAB is experienced in solving technological issues for diversified companies and has accumulated valuable ventures in solving problems with different companies and fields.

With the objective of helping others, our team have started developing mobile APPs that benefit companies solve their management problems since 2018. We create customizable mobile systems and GPS tracker that helps Malaysian universities, advertisers, and Airbnb solve data transmission problems and data analysis.

2019 was a breakthrough for us. We accomplished many challenges as we established a joint venture company providing us with technical advice and production. The joint venture company called TGTELM had been established and received excellent recognition in GPS tracker research. We are also taking charge of long-term, big projects from production companies. We aim to create a seamless business environment through the technology integration platform. We are moving to be a technology development company and breaking the traditional business model.

Moving forward to 2021, we took on more long term projects and also launched office automation projects. We aim to integrate a more efficient and systematic working culture to fulfil the flourishing needs of new technology. Above that, we endeavour exposure to the sharing of economy, logistics, and more. We seek to have the idea to create a technology integration platform that brings companies in different fields closer.

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