About Us

ELMLAB innovates efficient and reliable devices and applications to create sustainable and smart solutions.


ELMLAB is a high-tech powerhouse that provides technological solutions and development services.


Design is at the core of what we do. Whether it’s designing an application, a circuit or PCB, system flow, UI/UX, mechanical products, we make sure that our solution and product is well-tailored and customised.


Progression with relevance, we keep ourselves updated with the intricacies of latest technology in order to provide the most effective services and solutions for our clients.


We develop your ideas from scratch. We are well-versed with both software and hardware development, ensuring seamless compatibility and integration of both sides.


Troubleshooting, we literally hunt problems down. We fix any existing problems that the client may encounter first-hand and spot any loopholes that have been overlooked.

Our Timeline


The Beginning

Based in Beranang, Malaysia, ELMLAB started off as a R&D space specialised in engineering development and technology.

The Present

Currently, ELMLAB focuses on developing technologies, both hardware and software, that power the Internet of Things (IoT). We excel in taking a concept from initial hardware design all the way through the delivery of a commercial product. Our services spans across many areas, including transportation, retail, and security.

Our Future

1, To be the development superhouse of cutting edge technology for any needs of application.
2. To be able to fabricate and product electronics product as a complete turnkey solution.
3. To be a software and game development house that solves problem and improves the quality of life.

Choo Tzer Maan

Chief Executive Officer

Chong Hor Kong

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Chan Kuan Yoong


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