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Internship Opportunities

Why Intern With Us?

Dynamic Environment

Working within a high performing and agile focused team.

Authentic, Rich Experience

Engage real and meaningful work that has a direct impact on our business and customers.

Creative Culture

Everyone has a voice in innovation. Crazy ideas get heard and developed here.

Exposure & Experience

Opportunity to work in current on-going projects.

Who Should Join

  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical¬†Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Multimedia/Graphic Design/Content Writer
  • Finance, Business and Management
  • Passionate Learner
  • Strong technical aptitude
  • Tenacious self-starter with a drive to succeed
  • Constantly ask the question “why not” and “how”
  • When something has always been done a certain way, you wonder why nobody has begun to do it differently

What They Said

Ryan Goh Chuang Hong

“ELMLAB provided me a platform to enhance my engineering skills through developing several sophisticated benches design, an opportunity to apply my knowledge in computer science to develop a dynamic site and also work with 3D printing technology!”

Lee Wei Jie

“ELMLAB gave me an opportunity to gain knowledge and engage in roles that I expanded upon my academics. Its fresh and fun working environment is ideal for students that are passionate about learning new things and unleashing their creative potential.”

Mandy Ng

“ELMLAB provides comfortable working environment where there's a space for you to think about creative ideas and a space to do your work. People that work at ELMLAB are friendly and caring. They are willing to accept colleagues from different background and work well together. We learn and grow during the process, we enjoy our good time at ELMLAB.”

W.J. Lim

“Working environment is cozy and colleagues are friendly. I'm glad that I had my internship at ELMLAB. It was an eye opener for me.”

Jap Choo Fung

“I appreciate the responsibility and trust that was given to me in executing various tasks during my three months internship. The best part is having the opportunity to explore tools and equipment in the lab such as the digital microscope, 3D printer and more. ”

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