ELMLAB Solution Series


Security related


What we offer

Elm Cocoon offers an automated system to enhance the security of your establishment.


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Obtain Barcode

When authorized users are detected, Cocoon will send a barcode that will allow the user to pass through gates.

Scan Barcode

Users can scan the barcode at the gate to gain entry. 

When the vehicle enters the camera will capture and recognize the vehicle number plate. The number plate will then be sent to server for matching. Upon successful matching, a signal will be sent to the barrier gate to raise the barricade.

At the same time, on the server side, a notification can be sent to the vehicle owners through either SMS or APP with the entrance time, date, and vehicle. Custom messages can also be displayed on the push notification to welcome the drivers back.

The rest of the system can be interfaced with other systems via server API. Depending on the type of system that’s being interfaced, a middleware can be developed to handle and mediate the communication.

This is useful in the case of a smart condo, where when the vehicle returns to the residence, air conditioning can be automatically turned on before the the user comes in.

Number Plate

The system can record the number plate of a car and recognize the type of car.

Fast moving

Cocoon will function even on high speed vehicles.

Carpark Access System

Carpark system that recognizes users using number plates and grants access to registered users.

Entrance Access System

Automated gates that recognizes authorized users from their smart device and grants entry.