ELMLAB Solution Series


Population Counting, Crowd Monitoring System with IoT Analytics


Imagine this

Are you a retailer? Franchise owner? Event organizer? Advertiser? You own a retail business but can barely keep track of your customer base and employees? You have mind-blowing advertisement ideas but don’t know where to place them? Haunted by the horror of having your event venue overcrowded with safety issues and missing children? Perhaps your current attendance system feels abused or insufficient. Would you like to know how each of your franchise outlets is performing in comparison to each other in real-time?

People-counting is the procedure for obtaining the number of occupants in a certain area. For many operations, people-counting is an invaluable insight for making decisions on a regular basis. A change occurring within a week could mean a change in consumer behavior or a reaction to an important event. Perhaps for some establishments, this change arising within one day already incurs a lot of damage to recover from. For others, it might be looked forward to. There are many aspects that crowd monitoring and tracking will greatly enhance including:

Operations Planning

For operations that require periodic planning this insight can make or break the flow of the period. Answer questions like: was the staff-to-client ratio good enough last week to be implemented this week? Thursdays are usually a hectic day but has it been the case the last month after that new parking lot was built? Is this year’s August still a good time to run the mega sale? What are the good hours?

HVAC Optimization

With the knowledge of how many occupants are in a specific room, floor, or area in general, management is be able to implement energy saving practices. No one is in the back storage room or the 3rd floor? Turn off the air conditioning or put it in sleep mode. The 2nd floor is crowded and the temperature rises around 3 o’clock Wednesdays?  Increase the cooling effect of relevant units around that time. Watch out for overcrowding at your 3 day festival.

Performance Monitoring

Management can easily calculate walk-in-to-customer conversion rate by having a figure for total people on site. Being able to keep track of who has been there, it can easily observe client loyalty as well as the site popularity. It will also inform you on how impactful a recently run campaign was. Was the RM 50,000 advertising expenses justified?

Targeted Marketing

By knowing where a client currently is, marketing teams can send location-specific advertisement for nearby points of interest. Clients will learn of on-going events they are interested in while they are in the vicinity. When supervising an event, operations can make sure the crowd is directed to points of interest they might miss. Learn of hotspots for crowds for better advertisement placement. Keep track of loyal clients and receive alerts to their arrival at the location for personalized attention.

Attendance Keeping

In line with knowing who is on site, enterprises will know if staff is currently present, absent, and where they are. Management does not have to rely solely on submitted paperwork but can cross-check it with tracking data. With advanced programming, they can also learn the character and behavior pattern of employees to stay alert of issues that need addressing to maintain their well-being.

Security and Tracking

The tracking feature allows enterprises to track equipment and personnel easily and watch their movement. Monitoring patrol routes and making sure adequate coverage is in place for optimal security is made possible. Never lose sight of your Automated Guided Vehicle or mobile X-ray machines again. You can also locate personnel instantly for their expertise or confirm their safety. Help parents locate their over-energetic infants in a crowded, popular mall. 

Data Keeping

As opposed to only having the most obvious and recent data recorded, a system will record every data it obtains. Furthermore, the data is automatically analyzed in real-time for users to instantly access at any time. No more guessing of patterns; the evaluation is right there on the screen. 

Our solution for you

Our solution comes in the form of ELM-ANTS. ELM-ANTS  is an automated, wireless, people-counting system complete with tracking and analytical capabilities to present easily interpreted and visually pleasing data. We have built ELM-ANTS with technological advances capable of multiple tasks. With it, we are able to provide you with two kinds of systems, each specializing in its area of concern. They are the Attendance System, and Crowd Analytics System. Find out what they do in the Features tab.


What ANTS can do

ELM-ANTS comes with a package of sensors and monitoring software tools. These sensor units called ANTS360 include a combination of long and short range, indoor and outdoor, wireless detectors. We will install them in your preferred locations to detect anonymous data transmitted over wireless networks. The gathered data is then relayed to cloud-based servers through secure communication channels. ELM-ANTS is good at what it does, and it has a wide range of features. We proudly designed these features into packages appropriate to their main purpose. Should you need anything in between, contact us and we will gladly discuss it. We want to stress that these features are provided at close to real-time and available at all times.

Attendance System

Having the ability to detect people’s presence on site, their duration of stay, and relative location, ELM-ANTS can help enhance an organization’s attendance system for example to verify employees’ work hour claims. The timestamps produced work in parallel with clock-in and clock-out times. Your work place might consist of spaces with visual and movement restrictions due to crowds or structures. There is a safety concern for personnel that work at higher risk of injury or accidents where aid could be delayed due to late discovery. By quickly detecting abnormalities in behavior and location, our system can help you alleviate this issue. Through employees’ smart devices, our technology will be able to tell you:

  • Record of employee arrival time, leave time, away time
  • Calculation of employee hours
  • Location of specific employee anywhere on site
  • Notification for new sign ins
  • Welcome board with confirmed sign ins and employee availability status
  • Employee behavior patterns and habits

Crowd Analytics

Through information such as visitor count, timestamps, and duration of stay, supervisors obtain insight on traction and performance for planning the daily operations to optimize their business. This includes being able to maintain an effective customer-to-staff ratio, as well as decide when to run special promotions. Event managers can keep track of crowd flow and plan accordingly to avoid exceeding maximum crowd capacity, and to make sure attendees reach points of interest. Since ELM-ANTS can also monitor groups in  fast-moving vehicles, it can help determine a suitable locations both indoor and outdoor for placing advertisements to maximize reach. ELM-ANTS will provide you with:

    • Live data footage of current visitors with vital information at a glance.
    • Analysis for reach, impression, and popularity of establishment.
    • Analysis for each area of interest.
    • Heatmap noting crowd density on location.
    • Specific target tracking, accurate to complexity of installation.


Overview page of Crowd Analytics on ELM-ANTS

All of these features on both systems are given at close to real-time, with every data recorded on servers. You also have the ability to select the time frame for the analysis to be displayed. ELM-ANTS itself is  convenient and applicable at a minimal cost, utilizing common resources and intelligent design.

  • Wireless Our sensors operate over wireless connections with any smart device available on most people. However, we can also provide a small, low-power wearable for special persons such as children. The system works for crowded areas as well as fast-moving devices regardless of visual limitations within up to 100 meters. One node is usually sufficient for one room. 
  • Automatic All analysis are done automatically using Artificial Intelligence developed by ELMLAB.
  • Cloud-based servers Anonymous data is sent and processed within secured cloud-based servers. The system server will be separate from local account server containing sensitive and private information — such as employee details — that we can help set up.
  • Scalable Our system can be scaled to be used over an extended area by installing more nodes.
  • Indoor or outdoor Our ANTS360 for outdoor installation can either be portable or permanent, with built-in wireless support. They are weatherproof, and can be self-powered using solar panels with enough stored energy to run all night. 

Indoor ANTS360 unit

In most cases, one unit is sufficient for one room.

Outdoor ANTS360 unit

Weatherproof units with built in wireless capabilities available for portable or permanent installation. As an option, our units can come with solar panels that can keep it powered overnight.


Who can benefit

No matter what your position is, ELM-ANTS is relevant to a wide range of your analytic needs. If you are not sure if our system is right for your situation, contact us for more information and possible solutions. Here is a list of establishments and positions we think will benefit the most from ELM-ANTS:

Retails and franchises

  • Know your reach by how many new walk-ins you have
  • Notice how many of your customers come again
  • Learn what times you have the most and least customer on your location
  • Determine if your recent marketing move is effective
  • Identify the best customer-staff ratio
  • Plan your daily operations to a higher accuracy
  • Explore visitor nationality for targeted marketing

Work places such as factories and offices

  • Own an automatic, wireless attendance system with excellent documentation
  • Learn when each of your employees arrives, leaves, and spends time away
  • Verify employee clock-in and clock out-times
  • Know where your employees usually spend their time
  • Locate an employee in real-time and increase their safety
  • Understand employee behavior and characteristic

Shopping malls and events

  • Observe crowd size and movement in real-time
  • Monitor occupancy level by area and avoid overcrowding
  • Examine visit duration of visitors and times
  • Identify popular spots indoors and outdoors
  • Locate specific personnel or visitor
  • Determine visitor loyalty
  • Explore visitor nationality for targeted marketing

Advertising agencies

  • Locate best points for advertisement placements
  • Measure effectiveness of advertisement
  • Evaluate reach of current advertisement

Visualizing ELM-ANTS

Targeted Tracking

Full scale implementation of location tracking to monitor security personnel or trace a lost child. Paired with a low-power wearable to ensure the safety of all.

Crowd Counting

Capture the traction in crowded areas or fast moving vehicles. Providing a headcount regardless of any visual limitations.


Increase in reach and accuracy by deploying more nodes to wider areas. Expand coverage only when required.


Resilient and weatherproof. Self-powered nodes with solar panels, portable or permanent with support for wireless internet.

Big data analytics gives new insights to crowd behavior
with the potential to improve retail sales, advertising,
event management and crowd control.