ELMLAB Solution Series


Population Counting System, Crowd Monitoring System with IoT Analytics


A real-time decision support system that monitors signals from smart phones and devices in large area. This potentially gives new insights to crowd in large areas, providing analytics for retailers, advertisers, event organisers and Smart- and Safe Cities by counting the number of mobile phones in the area.

Using a variety of sensors based on software-defined radio, this location-based sensing technology is capable of:

  • Measuring mobile signals transmitted over Bluetooth and WiFi networks,
  • Locating and tracking mobile devices, and
  • Creating statistical maps based on this data.
Targeted Tracking

Full scale implementation of location tracking to monitor security personnel or trace a lost child. Paired with a low-power wearable to ensure the safety of all.


Increase in reach and accuracy by deploying more nodes to wider areas. Expand coverage only when required.

Crowd Counting

Capture the traction in crowded areas or fast moving vehicles. Providing a headcount regardless of any visual limitations.


Resilient and weatherproof. Self-powered nodes with solar panels, portable or permanent with support for wireless internet.


Features & Specification

The solution consists of a package of sensors and monitoring software tools. Variety of sensors includes a combination of long and short range, indoor and outdoor, Bluetooth and WiFi detectors to be located in selected spots to detect anonymous data transmitted over Bluetooth and WiFi networks. Gathered data is then relayed to cloud-based servers through secure communication channels.

Crowd analytics is accessible through a password-protected web-based dashboard and made available for integration with 3rd party systems via APIs.

Analytics insights includes:

Duration of stay
Returning visitors
Flow patterns and mobility
Tourist (nationality) rate analysis
Detection of approaching/exceeding limits on crowd size
Data analytics available in real-time and historical modes, providing trending analysis by the hour or customisable period of duration.


Potential Applications

From marketing to safety and security purposes, this location-based sensing is suitable for wide range of use-cases including:

  • Attendance systems
  • Crowd control
  • People counting
  • Traffic counting
  • Personnel safety
  • Logistics
  • Indoor positioning
  • HR management

Big data analytics gives new insights to crowd behavior with the potential to improve retail sales, advertising, event management and crowd control.