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ELMLab and Pinetop Announce Strategic Technology Partnership

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ELMLab and Pinetop today announced a strategic technology partnership to deliver innovative technology such as IoT (Internet of Things) which focuses on productivity that will improve efficiency and streamline operations for clients. By combining limited resources such as technology transfer and sharing of office space for training and operation purposes, the partnership enables a wider coverage of technicalities in offering holistic and better solutions to clients, as well as a larger capacity to secure more forthcoming projects and initiatives.

  • Collaboration and co-development of database and backend to serve customers’ needs and provide engineering solutions in the field of IoT in Malaysia and other emerging markets.
  • Strategic technology partnership will drive growth, accelerate innovation, and speed digital transformation across industries.

In this partnership, ELMLab leverages Pinetop’s specialisation in scalable software development, such as online web services and user based software development, whereas Pinetop benefits by having ELMLab’s expertise on customized hardware development. Pinetop is notable for their GPS solutions and platform development skills for various industries. On the other hand, ELMLab has their own R&D to produce the necessary hardware technology to complement and together create IoT. ELMLab has plans to move from GSM and venture into LoRa (LPWAN) [Long Range Low Power Wide Area Network] & NB-IoT (Narrow Band – Internet of Things) which are in line with the current technology development trend around the world.

Pinetop Elmlab
Web server to develop WebApp Native app for IOS and Android
Amazon Web Server deployment Embedded hardware programming
Data Algorithm development On premise hardware server deployment


The partnership is a strong strategic fit, leveraging the two companies’ respective strengths with the following initiatives:

  • Sharing of limited resources and acquire more projects together to increase financial capital as well as hasten development and growth of both start-up companies.
  • Channelling the combined scale and innovation of both companies to provide platforms and services needed to digitize countries.
  • Accelerating the scale and adoption of IoT services across industries and businesses.

In a world driven by mobility, cloud, and digitization, active engagement today demands contextual, real-time information and insights across a variety of channels. However, the IoT landscape in Malaysia is still in its infancy and there is a need to instil awareness of employing IoT technology in business operations. Hence, ELMLab and Pinetop will pioneer by offering solutions and end-to-end solutions such as 5G, cloud, IP, and the IoT. Large volumes of data can be managed, analysed and interpreted into insights and predictions in interactive platforms through IoT technology. Clients will thus, be able to accelerate their business transformation by drawing on the parties’ complementary capabilities in cloud, mobility and analytics.

The strategic partnership will be a key driver of growth and value, with each company driving their efforts and investments into new and greater opportunities to deliver value in growth markets and in key emerging market segments. The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and additional R&D in technology by maximizing the talents and resources at both companies, while driving scale and efficiency for both companies and their clients.

Choo Tzer Maan, Chief Executive Officer, ELMLab

“The joint ELMLab-Pinetop proposition is very powerful as we both share the same vision with complementary abilities and skills. Our partnership will drive growth for both companies, unique value for our customers, and incredible innovation for the industry. Initially the partnership will focus on opportunities for the enterprise segment and accelerating the scale and adoption of IoT services across industries. We believe that the depth and breadth of this technical collaboration will drive significant value for our mutual clients.”

Michael Chin, Chief Executive Officer, Pinetop

“Borrowing the principle of Yin and Yang, we’re excited to partner with ELMlab as we focus our combined energies in serving a broader range of customers with engineering solutions. The opportunities surrounding technology, statistics and data are vast and we look forward to develop a number of exciting initiatives, take on projects together as part of the partnership.”